The Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching – MERLOT ( announces the 2022 MERLOT Awards for Exemplary Online Learning Resources

The winner of the 2022 MERLOT Biology Classics Award was Jagpreet Chhatwal for "The COVID-19 Simulator"

The Biology Board had this to say about the material:
"The COVID-19 Simulator is set of tools designed to help policymakers decide how to respond to the novel coronavirus. The tools can be used to explore the impact of different social-distancing interventions (by varying their intensity and timing) to reduce the spread of coronavirus. The information presented can help policymakers understand consequences such as the rate of new cases, potential strain on the healthcare system, and projected deaths. The tools are useful in educational contexts to allow inquiry-based activities."

The winners of the 2022 Classics Award were honored at the Innovate Conference in March 2022.

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